January Songs

  • Everyday Heroes

    Tune: Brother John

    Here is a song for community helpers:

    Everyday  Heroes  Everyday Heroes

    Help us live.  Help us live.

    They are caring.  They are caring.

    Hooray for our heroes.   Hooray for our heroes.

  • Self-Advocacy Song

    Tune: Brother John

    This song can be used for any child especially those with an I.E.P.  It is an empowering song.  Change the word “hear” to “see”, or “can’t hear” to “don’t understand”. Help a child learn to advocate-it’s a necessary skill.


    What should you do?  What should you do?

    When you can’t hear.  When you can’t hear.

    Tell somebody right away.  Tell somebody right away.

    So you can hear!  So you can hear!

  • Sleepy Groundhog

    Tune:  Brother John

    Sleepy groundhog  Sleepy Groundhog

    Peek out of your hole  Peek out of your hole

    Do you see your shadow?  Do you see your shadow?

    I want to know!

    I want to know!

  • Peace

    Tune: Bingo was his name

    There was a man

    Who asked people

    To live in peace

    P E A C E (3x)

    Martin Luther King was he

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Link to Source7 Productions

January Songs