Songs For June & July

  • The Rhyming Pirate Song

    Tune:  Pirate's Chant

    The next song was one I learned from Tom Hunter a wonderful educator, musician and positive force. It is a rhyming song that can be done myriad ways. I taught my students set rhymes. Tom had the students make up rhymes for everyone.  It depends on the language level of your students. I incorporated lots of movement and the children enjoyed singing this song right before recess.


    When I was one I had some fun on the day I went to sea

    I jumped aboard a pirate’s ship and the captain said to me

    “Oh, you go this way, that way, forward, backward, over the deep blue sea”


    When I was two I touched my shoe…. same as one words

    When I was three I hurt my knee…

    When I was four I shut the door…

    When I was five I saw a bee hive…

    When I was six I took some sticks…

    When I was seven I went to heaven

    When I was eight I licked my plate

    When I was nine I made a line…

    When I was ten I caught a hen...

  • Our Patriotic Song

    Tune: Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday United States

    Happy Birthday United States

    Our country is the land of the free

    We love you United States

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Link to Source7 Productions

Songs for June & July