May Songs

  • Bugs

    Tune: Frere Jacques

    I’m an insect   I’m an insect

    With three body parts With three body parts

    Head, thorax, abdomen Head, thorax, abdomen

    And six legs   And six legs

  • A Special Name

    Tune: My Baloney

    This song can be changed to whatever configuration exist in a child’s household. For example, if he/she lives with grandparents, use their pet names like Nana or Papa. If it is a single parent household, sing the first two lines again.


    My mother has a special name

    It’s m—o—m—m—y

    My father has a special name

    It’s d—a—d—d—y

    Oh, I love to hug them every day

    And when I kiss them, I will say

    “Mommy Daddy I love you

    I l—o—v—e—y—o—u

  • My Graduation Song

    Tune: Edelweiss

    My great school

    My great school

    Every morning I greet you

    Week by week

    I learn to think

    With joy and laughter

    And hugs too

    Blossoms of ideas

    Have bloomed and grown

    Bloomed and grown


    My great school

    My great school

    I’ll never, ever forget you!

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Link to Source7 Productions

May Songs